Time to Hit the Road!

Having a pet and wanting to travel can be two opposing situations. Your dog is your best friend, yet it is unrealistic to assume you can take them everywhere you go. Because of this, you may decide to not go to certain places because of your animal — this is especially true in the summer. Summertime marks when the sun is hottest and the water is warm and inviting. You can be tempted by tropical shores and poolside lounges, but that doesn’t change the fact that you won’t be able to take your pet.

So, what can you do?

Boarding is an excellent idea for pet owners who want a vacation and know that their best friend can’t come along. Though the separation might initially be hard on both of you, at Canine Oasis and Country Club, your pet will be given the very best care.

Dog Daycare Near You

Our boarding and daycare services are top-notch and offer the plethora of benefits for your pet while you are away. At our boarding facility, your pet will be given round-the-clock care, 24-hour room service, a climate-controlled room, and three premium meals a day.
Because of our elite style of care, our boarding services are more like a dog hotel. Your pet is cared for and fed delicious meals, based on their dietary needs you prescribe. And, if your animal has any medication requirements, we have trained professionals able to administer any medicine free of charge. This can be especially advantageous for you if your pet is older or needs specialized medical attention. Many times, owners won’t leave to go on vacation because they don’t believe their elderly pet will be given the right doses of their medication at a dog daycare facility. Also, kennels for special needs dogs are rare, particularly finding a doggy daycare that can adapt and care for the animal as well as their owners. At Canine Oasis, we are proud to say that any dog, no matter the age or circumstance, will be given the treatment they need, based on the instructions left by their owner.

Dog Kennel Socialization

Dog kennels have a bad stigma for being too isolating for a pet. This is simply not true at Canine Oasis. At our dog boarding center, we offer your pet a playgroup based on their temperament and size. This means that your best friend can play for hours with other dogs just like them. Pets, especially dogs, love socialization. Our boarding kennel allows them to work on their socialization skills with other dogs, as well as people. Our staff is kind and patient with your animal, and will do their best to make every aspect of your pet’s stay here as easy as possible.
That being said, if you have an aggressive animal, it is best to let us know. Our staff is well trained in handling aggressive animals, and will be able to make sure your pet is safe in their own kennel. This will keep not only them safe, but the other animals. And, just because they are restricted from playtimes, our boarding staff will still take time to make sure your pet gets their needed daily exercise and playtime.

Canine Oasis and Country Club

If you are interested in keeping your dog in a well-organized kennel, Canine Oasis is it! Contact us today to learn more about our dog boarding services.