As we come into August, there’s no doubt about it, the dog days of summer are upon us.

There have been record highs worldwide this summer and not only are humans adjusting, dogs are trying to do the same. While the whole world literally melts around you, here’s how you and your pup can stay cool as we enter into the “Mad Max” moment for our Earth.

A good rule of thumb to loosely follow is to ask yourself the following, “how do you like to cool down?”

If it’s safe for your pet they’ll like it too! You know how good it feels to jump into a cool pool on a hot day, or drink that refreshing glass of ice water, or plop down in front of a fan after hours of playing in the hot summer sun. Those are all safe activities for your dog to feel too!

  • Bring them to a dog friendly lake near your house
  • Set up a sprinkler in the yard
  • Bring them inside and sit them in front of a fan
  • Put ice in their water dish

Stay Away From High Noon

We figure you’re probably already doing this for yourself, but keep your dog out of direct sunlight during the heat of the day — anywhere from 10 am to 2 pm — to protect them. Take walks and play outside during the early morning or early evening so that both of you can enjoy your time rather than overheating. If you find that your schedule only works with taking out your dog when it’s still relatively hot out, we suggest getting your friend some cute puppy booties or protective paw wax to keep the bottom of their feet safe from the hot pavement.

Hydrate Or Die-Drate

Make sure your pup always has access to relatively cool water (water in the shade is fine) even on quick trips or short walks, you should have a water dish for your four legged friend. If you see them panting, starting to drool more than usual, or getting extremely tired very quickly, then your dog is too hot and may have a heat stroke. Get them inside and get them water immediately; if they don’t show signs of improvement, call your vet.

Max Their Relax

Whether your dog is older, or just really spoiled, it’s good to give them a place to relax and feel comfortable during summer, especially if they can’t stay indoors all day. A shallow baby pool filled with cool water in a shady part of the yard is great for your canines. If you live in a new neighborhood with no big trees or you notice there aren’t many shadowy spots for Fido, we suggest stringing up a tarp or screen. That way they have somewhere comfortable to lay with lots of fresh air and more ventilation than their dog house provides.

Emergency Techniques

If your dog is way too hot and you want to help them cool down quickly, an effective way to do that would be to direct a fan at them or bring them into the air conditioned house/car. Another trick that works well is to wrap a cold, wet towel around their middle, especially under the front arms. Remember a dog’s normal temperature is 101.5 degrees fahrenheit. The idea is to help lower the dog’s temperature, like a cool washcloth on the forehead would do for someone with a fever. Be careful though! Dogs are different than humans (duh) and you don’t want to induce shock by cooling them down too quickly. Basically, the wet towel should not be your go to but is a good technique to know in a heat induced emergency.

Canine Oasis

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