Help! I don’t know which kennel is best for my dog!

When choosing a dog kennel, the options can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down a list of things to know and questions to ask prospective dog boarders before making any final decisions. Dogs are family members, so don’t be afraid to ask questions at the kennel. It’s never rude to want to know more about how your beloved family mascot will be treated while you’re away.

Things to Consider:

Ask your vet about the best kennels near you!

They spend all day with animals and are totally immersed in the community. They’ll know the best places for your pup to be happy while you’re away. Your vet will also know what vaccinations your doggo will need before the big trip.

Look for a place with webcam capabilities!

Certain places are equipped with live webcams for current puppies staying with them. That means you can log in from anywhere, anytime during your vacation, and watch your furriest child making friends and playing with the other four-legged guests.

The best boarding houses have indoor and outdoor options!

When you have to board your dog, we suggest choosing somewhere with both indoor and outdoor play areas. If your pet is older or used to the indoors, he will probably want to stay somewhere climate controlled and less active.

The staff should be engaged immediately!

As soon as you show up to drop off your dog, the staff should be engaged with both you and your short-term resident. Animals have incredible instincts about humans and places. If your dog seems uncomfortable, listen to them! The staff should be comfortable interacting with your dog, the other dogs, and taking detailed notes. Ask what their physical discipline policy is. Be sure that your dog won’t be abused if a staffer decides something went wrong.

Learn about the emergency procedures!

Sadly, emergencies can happen, even while you’re away. While we hope it would never happen, be sure the kennel you choose has plans in place for unexpected natural and medical disasters.

Look around the facility and take note of what you see!

Do the dogs look happy? That’s good. Do you see any torn fences or loose wires? That’s dangerous and representative of poor quality in a facility. Are any of the dogs wearing collars? Hopefully, the answer is no. Keeping a collar on your dog in a dog daycare increases their strangulation hazard. Be on the lookout for an abundance of accessible, clean drinking water for the animals. Want to know an industry secret? If your dog is allowed to play unattended with a chew toy, that should be a red flag.

The two most important questions to ask:

If you forget everything that you’ve just read from this list, we understand. However, try to remember these two super important questions that you should ask every dog kennel.

  1. May I tour the facilities?

  2. Do you have references from previous clients and may I see them?

The answer to both of these should be an enthusiastic “yes!” every time. If not, chances are that might not be the right boarding place for you and your pet. Trust your instincts and go somewhere you know will treat your dog properly. At Canine Oasis, we love your smallest family member as much as you do. We have top-rated facilities and are happy to answer whatever questions you may have for us.