We don’t know about you, but we are tongues out-tail wagging excited for summer!

Summer is arguably the best time of year, especially if you’re a dog. School is out, everyone is home all day, and the weather is beautiful. Your pup is probably beyond excited, but you might be bored going to the dog park over and over. Read on to discover some new and paw-some activities to try out in the coming months.

Get Wet

  1. Kayaking is a fun way to see new places while relaxing outside. Make sure you put on lots of waterproof sunscreen, you’re probably both going overboard at some point.
  2. Swimming is great exercise and lively way to get your puppy’s energy out. Not all dogs like swimming but those who do really go for it! Bring a tennis ball, stand on the shore, and play extreme fetch!
  3. Kiddie pools are perfect for older dogs or baby dogs. Fill it up in the backyard and let your aged protector cool down without causing them any undue stress. Additionally, we imagine you might know some kiddies who would also be interested in playing in the pool.


Stay Dry

  1. Breweries are chill hangout places where your dog gets lots of attention and socialization while you can relax and enjoy the day with your friends or with your dog.
  2. Picnics with friends are the ultimate summer activity! You can let your pup roll around in the grass and explore while you enjoy those juicy strawberries. Don’t forget to bring treats for your furry friend too.
  3. Baseball games are still America’s favorite pastime. The best person to watch a ballgame with? Man’s best friend! Check out the schedule for all the “Bark in the Park” MLB games in the 2019 season.

Be Outdoorsy

  1. Camping is a summer no-brainer. The woods are full of sticks and who do you know that loves sticks more than themselves? Your puppy!
  2. National Parks are dog friendly and a classic summer road trip. Pack up the car, leash up the pup, and get ready for some family bonding.
  3. Pup Scouts is a thing! Can you believe? They have meetings and badges and everything. Relive your childhood Girl Scout or Boy Scout experience through the eyes of your doggy this summer as the proud parent of the cutest Pup Scout ever.

Get Creative

  1. Learn a new trick. It’s the perfect time, you have endless empty days with school out of session.
  2. Throw a pup party. Invite your dog’s friends over and host a party where all the food is dog and human friendly. Yum!
  3. Invent a new sport. A special little game that only you and your furry best friend know, make up a silly sport that you both love to play.

This all sounds way too fun! Unfortunately not all activities and vacations can be dog-friendly, no matter how much people want them to be. Are you going on a probably lame, strictly human vacation this summer and are looking for someone to watch your pup?

Look no further! At Canine Oasis we love dogs so much we modeled our entire business around them. You can trust your pup to have a fun, enjoyable, safe time with our dog-loving professionals. Contact us today with your boarding dates and questions!