How to Groom an Aggressive Dog

If you are the owner of an aggressive dog, you may understand that your dog primarily reacts to things out of fear. If an animal has been mistreated, it will tend to grow up defensive and fearful of others it does not trust, human and animal alike.
But, just because your dog can be aggressive, does not excuse it from routine upkeep. Due to the fact that your precious pooch doesn’t like being in uncomfortable situations, this can make bathtime, grooming, and walking a chore.

At Canine Oasis & Country Club, we make dog grooming easy for owners of less-than-enthusiastic pets. If you are struggling with an overly-aggressive pet, perhaps the right course of action is to call a professional dog groomer. Our staff has the ability and resources to help expertly groom your animal without causing harm to ourselves or your beloved pet. Next time you have to wrestle your pet for a small trim, think of us.

1. Get Back Up

If you insist on grooming your pet by yourself, we highly recommend getting more people to help you. No matter the size of the dog, a bite can be damaging. With multiple people around, you all can work to hold the dog down, while simultaneously cutting off dreaded pieces of hair. The bigger the dog is, the more necessary it is to bind them, muzzle them, and have multiple people help you. Bigger dogs are a lot stronger and more difficult to manage. If you have scissors in your hand, a bucking animal can be dangerous for everyone involved.

2. Be Calm, Yet Firm

If your animal is squeamish during a routine grooming, you need to show that you are firm, yet calm. If your pet senses that you are panicking, they will too. Obviously, you want your pet to be calm and collected throughout the grooming process, so do your best to stay calm. Yet, you also want to make sure you maintain a firm voice. Also, try to give your dog treats and loving pets while you set them up to get their hair cut. If the dog feels consoled and cared for, they are less likely to feel trapped or threatened.

3. Don’t Back Down

Do not back down. This means that if your pet is getting too excited or even aggressive, do not take your dog out of their harness. Dogs may act a lot like children. If your pet thinks that if they behave a certain way they will be taken out of uncomfortable situations, they will continue to act poorly and cause problems. But, if you teach them that certain behaviors won’t be tolerated, they will learn that you are the dominant one, and no manner of movement or sound will keep them from getting their hair groomed. Be sure to take the process slow at first; just because your dog is aggressive at first, doesn’t mean they won’t warm up to the idea of being groomed. Just remember that most of the reason animals react poorly to something is because they are afraid. The best way to groom your animal is to show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Call a Professional, If You Need Help

If you are looking for a professional dog groomer, contact Canine Oasis & Country Club! We have trained professionals ready to help you!