Getting Your Dog Prepared for the Summer

It is about that time again — summer! Now the days are going to seem longer and hotter. But, the best part is you and your pet can enjoy the summer sun as long as you want. The only issue with this rise in temperature and activity is that your pet might become too hot and overheated. Unlike you, your pet has a thick coat of fur that is a lot like a winter coat. Just as you wouldn’t want to wear your winter gear in the summertime, neither does your dog. So, how can you make their lives a little easier? Grooming!

Canine Oasis Grooming

Canine Oasis in Meridianville, AL has grooming services perfect for man’s best friend. At our facility, we will be able to take in your pet and give them a pampered experience. So, instead of being a chore, your pet can experience a calming and soothing spa day.

Within our grooming services, we offer the following:

  • Spa Bath
  • Massage
  • Inner Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Dog Brushing

We also include more grooming features as well. If you are interested, here is a link to view our other grooming services and levels of grooming packages.


Grooming for Aggressive Dogs

One of the features we are proud to offer our clients is grooming for aggressive dogs. Sometimes, your dog may not like to be groomed or have their nails clipped. Unfortunately, some breeds, such as poodles and Afghan hounds, need grooming to clear their coats for the next season. Without regular grooming, these breeds could suffer from health consequences if they are not regularly groomed.
Some pet owners are hesitant to groom their own pets, or even clip their nails. Some dogs may feel threatened or scared, which can make them bite or scratch you. Because the animal is scared, the owner can feel frightened and guilty. One of the best ways to alleviate both of your stresses is by bringing your dog into a professional groomer.

Canine Oasis Grooming

At Canine Oasis & Country Club, we have professional grooming specialists on staff who have years of experience caring for pets’ grooming needs. No matter the temperament of your pet, we will be able to calm them and restrain them from hurting anyone or themselves. By entrusting us with your pet’s grooming needs, you will ensure that your dog can get the care they need without harming anyone or themselves. Pet care can be stressful, which is why hiring a professional to handle it is a great option. The stress is taken out of the situation.
While your pet is at Canine Oasis, they will receive the best treatment. Not only will they receive a spa bath, a massage, and grooming, but they will also get high-quality conditioning products for their coat. If you are interested in giving your furry friend a spa day, Canine Oasis is here to help. With our professional groomers, we will be able to care for your animal, treat them based on their needs, and adjust our processes to make sure they are comfortable throughout the grooming processes. Contact our business today to schedule an appointment with one of our groomers.