Summer is almost here! As the temperatures start to heat up and you feel hot, we’re sure you look over at your panting pup and think they must be hot too. One of the easiest ways for us to cool down is a haircut — hello, cute bobs and buzzcuts! — but the same isn’t necessarily true for your dog. In fact, if you’re not careful, shaving them could actually do more harm than good.

Dogs are already prone to sunburn, especially short-haired breeds. If you shave them, you’re increasing their risk of sunburn or hot spots.

When Should I Shave My Dog?

Great question! There are a few exceptions to the rule as far as keeping your best friend healthy and happy during those dog days of summer. Here are some rough guidelines to follow about shaving your pet, but you should always double check with your vet! If your pupperoni…

  • Has a naturally thick coat
  • Stays outside all the time
  • Has matted fur
  • Is wet often
  • Suffers from hot spots

If any of these conditions sounds something like your dog, shaving their coat could help prevent them from developing myiasis. Myiasis is a condition where a fly lays eggs in a dogs fur, and they become host to a cluster of maggots — ew! It’s hard to know if your dog is prone to hot spots without a vet’s consensus. Especially because a dog with hot spots has such sensitive skin already, be sure to get a vet’s approval before shaving and have a professional take care of it for you.

What If I Have To Shave My Pup?

Sometimes there just isn’t another option for your dog or your family. We’ve seen some of the thickest, furriest dogs come in and we could’ve made a clone out of all the fur we healthily shaved off. We understand! Once you’ve made the decision with your dog and your vet, here are some expert tips to follow to make sure everyone has a summer haircut they’ll love.

  1. Go to a professional
  2. Don’t overheat the clippers
  3. Leave an inch of fur

Our number one tip is to take your four legged love to a professional dog groomer — like our experts at Canine Oasis! — so that they can give your puppy the proper trim without shaving too close or hurting your pet. If you’re shaving your pet by yourself, make sure you take frequent breaks when clipping! Clippers can overheat in a few minutes and burn your doggie. There should be a lube that comes with the clippers, we highly suggest using that when shaving for protection. Lastly, it’s super important to leave at least an inch of fur on your best friend. This will protect them from the sun and keep them warm when the nights get cold or the air conditioning is too intense for them. Don’t give them a close shave. This increases their chances of sunburn, but also can embed hairs under their skin, preventing new fur from growing and leading to skin problems.

We all want to have a fun, enjoyable, and cool summer, even your pets! If you think your dog needs shaving or maybe just a good brush and trim to get that winter undercoat off their skin, bring them into Canine Oasis! We’re professional groomers who are happy to help all breeds look and feel their best. Contact us today!