Dog Grooming is Important: Here is Why

Dog brushing and grooming is more than just for show. In fact, grooming is essential to your dog’s care, especially if they are long-haired breeds. For example, if you decide to not groom and brush your animal, their hair could matt and become heavier. If you have ever carried more weight than you could handle, imagine that, but all over — that is what an unruly fur coat feels like. To ensure that your dog has full mobility and the very best care, grooming is essential. At Canine Oasis & Country Club, we offer dog brushing, dog bathing, and dog grooming services. So, if your dog is in need of a good clean, we can assist you!

In this blog, we will discuss why grooming is vital to the care of your pet. We hope by giving you some examples of why a pet would need grooming, you will realize how important grooming your pet actually is!

Matted Fur

Over time, if you do not brush your hair, it will dread. The same idea applies to your pets. Both cat and dogs can develop their own form of “dreads,” which is called matted fur. True, most animals groom themselves; sometimes, if left outside or uncared for, the fur can tangle and form large wads of hair. This hair can weigh down your pet and make them look feral. Grooming keeps the hair untangled and manageable!

Objects in Their Fur

If your pet likes to play outside, then they probably have tracked in mud, dirt, or debris into your house. Larger breeds with thick fur have a tendency to get bits of twigs, leaves, and other items stuck in their fur. Over time, if these pieces are not taken out of their fur, the pieces of debris could dig into your pet’s skin. If you live anywhere with wild brush or sticky weeds, these types of plants are notorious for causing damage to your pet’s skin.

Tripping on their Fur

For smaller breeds, longer fur can become a tripping hazard. For breeds, such as the Shih Tzu, their hair can grow very long and fast. But, based on the direction their fur grows, their coat could easily become a tripping hazard. Grooming your pet ensures that they will not trip on their own coat and be able to have free mobility at all times.

Being Able to See

If your pet’s coat is too long, they may not be able to see past their own noses! Long fur coats can not only be an issue for mobility and hygiene, but vision as well. Some breeds can have their fur cover their line of vision, which can be extremely problematic for obvious reasons — they cannot see! Grooming ensures that your pet can safely maneuver throughout your home without running into things.

Canine Oasis & Country Club

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