Stay for a night or even for a while. Your pet is our guest once they arrive. Our goal here at Canine Oasis and Country Club is to provide a clean, safe and loving environment** for your canine partner.

We offer 4 x 6-foot kennels for your pet’s relaxation and sleeping comfort.  We also feature a large outdoor area so your pet can get his/her daily exercise. Our outdoor enclosures are 8′ high and double fenced for added security. We strongly encourage you to bring enough food for your pet during their stay and a little extra. Changing food and environment at the same time may cause digestive upsets. Guests that arrive without food will incur an added cost per day. Current Vaccinations are REQUIRED.

  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

Canine Oasis offers unparalleled care and unexpected value in dog boarding, grooming, and training.

  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Up to 4 Potty breaks and exercise turn out
  • Room Service
  • Premium meals (you provide) up to 3 times per day
  • Climate Controlled
  • Medication dispensed at no charge
  • Multiple pet discounts are offered if your dogs can be housed in the same kennel
  • There is always a staff member watching your dog
  • Separate “small dog” and “big dog” play groups
  • All dogs are matched for sociability and temperament
  • A safer environment for socialization and play than a public dog park
  • Can aid in reducing behavioral problems-esp. for active breeds
  • Builds confidence in dogs that are timid or not exposed often to other dogs
  • Provides physical activity, exercise and stimulation
  • Critical for puppies and high-energy dogs
  • Daycare included with boarding at no charge***
Boarding prices range from 22.00 per night to 28.00 per night depending on size of dog.  Discounts given for multiple dogs that can stay in one kennel.

Daycare:  15.00 per day   Mon. – Fri.   7am – 6pm

*** Please note that we do require a one night deposit for all boarding reservations. Any cancellations 7 days prior to the scheduled stay will be refunded. Within 7 days of your stay, you forfeit your deposit. Pricing varies by dog size. ***

***You may opt out of daycare if you prefer your dog to be in a private turn out.

Special Needs Pets

At Canine Oasis we are sensitive to the special nature and needs of pets who require extra care due to injury, disability, or old age. Our experienced staff and high kennel-staff to pet ratio enables us to keep a close eye on our pet guests who need extra TLC during their stay with us.

The following amenities are offered to facilitate our staff in providing optimal care:

  • Owner-provided special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Extra Potty breaks
  • Non-slip rugs for senior pets
  • Owner-provided medications given as requested (diabetic injections, liquid, pill and topical medications, IV fluids)
  • Special handling of non-social and aggressive dogs*

*All breeds, Raw fed, Aggressive and Unaltered dogs are welcomed!

**Owner lives on the property

 SUNDAY pick up available between 4 – 5 pm.  Requirements are that you PRE PAY your boarding fees at drop off.  We do not allow pick ups any other time of the day on Sunday.
Starting Nov. 1, 2018   All dogs boarding with us must be checked out by noon on the day they are scheduled to go home.  If your dog is not picked up by noon, there will be an additional days boarding charge.