Ask About Our Dog Training Program!

What does it take to train a dog?  First off, dedication to the task at hand.  Repetition of the action several times daily.  Proper execution of commands and use of tools.  Knowledge.  Confidence.  Structure.  One dog may have the ability to learn a command after hearing it 15 times, while another dog may need to hear the same command 35 times before they understand it’s meaning.  Just like people, all dogs are different.  So we offer the following programs to get you headed in the right direction:

Adult Basic Obedience

Level 1)  Private lessons up to one hour with you and your dog.  Here, we teach you how to execute commands to your dog, while you perform the actual training.  Cost:  35.00
Level 2)  Two week board and train.  Your dog stays with us for two weeks, we introduce and execute the commands to your dog for you, getting them acquainted with the words and the mechanics of the actions we wish them to perform.  This does NOT send home a trained dog unless YOU continue the training at home.  This does allow the dog the ability to start down the correct path of training.  Our staff will be available once you and your dog are at home with follow ups for two additional weeks at our facility, up to 4 visits.  Cost:  600.00
Level 3)  Six week course.  Your dog stays with us for a total of 6 weeks.  We provide all the obedience training and we will send home a trained dog in obedience on leash.  You will be asked to participate in the training around week 6 so we can show you how to implement the commands to your dog.  Photos and video will be provided to the dog owner while in our care to show the improvement of dogs behavior on leash and the dogs ability to perform the commands given.  This package offers the most success for you and your dog.  Owners will have to implement commands at home in the same way as shown by us during the last week of the course in order to keep the dog “tuned”.  We will provide a two week consultation and be available to work with you and your dog at our location up to 4 times within the two weeks once the course ends and the dog goes home.  Cost:  1500.00
Level 4)  An in between of level 2 and level 3.  It consists of a 4 week course where your dog boards with us and we do all the obedience training.  It’s quite similar to level 3 and the results, in most cases, will be the same as in level 3 provided the dog is quick to learn the commands and the owner continues with the training routine at home.  We will provide additional consultation for up to two weeks once the dog goes home and will work with you and your dog up to 4 lessons at our facility.   Cost:  1200.00