1. Phew! How To Care For A Hot Dog!

    As we come into August, there’s no doubt about it, the dog days of summer are upon us. There have been record highs worldwide this summer and not only are humans adjusting, dogs are trying to do the same. While the whole world literally melts around you, here’s how you and your pup can stay cool…Read More

  2. Summer Fun

    We don’t know about you, but we are tongues out-tail wagging excited for summer! Summer is arguably the best time of year, especially if you’re a dog. School is out, everyone is home all day, and the weather is beautiful. Your pup is probably beyond excited, but you might be bored going to the d…Read More

  3. Questions To Ask Before Boarding Your Pup

    Help! I don’t know which kennel is best for my dog! When choosing a dog kennel, the options can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down a list of things to know and questions to ask prospective dog boarders before making any final decisions. Dogs are family members, so don’t be afraid to ask ques…Read More

  4. Dog Boarding For Summertime Travels

    Time to Hit the Road! Having a pet and wanting to travel can be two opposing situations. Your dog is your best friend, yet it is unrealistic to assume you can take them everywhere you go. Because of this, you may decide to not go to certain places because of your animal — this is especially true i…Read More